4 Tips For A Natural Looking Lace Front Human Hair Wig

With a lace front human hair wig, the hair strands look like they're growing straight from your scalp, but only if the wig is worn right. From how you prepare your hair for the wig to the type of adhesive you use, some amateur mistakes will make your wig look anything but natural, so you want to avoid them.

1. Your Hair is the Foundation

Wigs cover your natural hair but remember that your hair is the foundation of the wig. Just like a building, if the foundation isn't right — the building will fail. Your hair should be smooth and flat; ponytails or large braids typically are a no-go. If your natural hair is bulky, the lace won't rest flat on your head, which will serve as a giveaway that you're wearing a wig.

2. Wigs Need to be Adjusted

For a natural look, a lace front wig shouldn't go straight from the box to your head. These types of wigs typically come with adjustable straps, but a key part of the wig appearing natural is it resting on your head snugly. If the strap is loose, you'll want to adjust it until it feels snug and secure, but not uncomfortably tight. In the case of a custom wig, it should already be fitted for your head, so you can skip this step. 

3. Extra Coverage Might be Necessary

The lace on these wigs is available in a variety of different colors to help with complexion matching, but there are those instances when it's impossible to find an exact match. Should you find yourself in this situation, you should apply a small amount of your normal foundation to the lace and blend it in. This step helps blur the line where the lace starts and creates a more natural look. 

4. Not All Adhesives are the Same

Adhesive for lace front wigs come in two primary options, liquid glue and tape. If you lead an active lifestyle, you don't want to choose an adhesive tape. This option is secure, but once you start to sweat and the oil naturally found on your scalp begins to roll down your face, the adhesive will lose some of its strength, which means the lace will lift. Liquid glue typically provides a stronger bond and is the better option for active people.  

Follow these tips to make your wigs look beautiful and most important, natural. Want to know more? Try visiting websites like Paula’s Wig Boutique with your questions.

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